Larry Stylinson: When the Truth Comes Out

When Larry comes out there will be at least five hundred text posts saying many different variations of “what now?” 


*heavy on gifs

Lately this has been on my mind because August 12th.

I honestly don’t think much will change.

We’ll still fangirl over two gay teenage boys, cry while eating nutella, read fanfiction, edit photos

I mean really the only thing that will have changed is the fact that they’re public.

We already know that Larry is real, that’s not exactly what we’re waiting to find out.. It’s more waiting to prove it to all the people who didn’t believe us, and to make it official.

We’ll get new photos and gifs almost every day, so it’ll be like when the boys are on tour.

We’ll get cute tweets between Harry and Lou, so it’ll be like back in 2010 and 2011.

We’ll have support from a lot more people, so we won’t have to deal with as much Elounor crap.

We’ll have more disapproval from outsiders, so we’ll still be able to use sassy gifs and pictures to bitch at people with.

I mean honestly, not much will change.

I am 90% sure I’ll get feels most nights because they’re still the most adorable couple I have ever known of.

And all of this is assuming that we’re still alive after Larry coming out because really omfg.

now for Larry gifs because reasons.

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